Our Clients

At Center of Excellence for Workplace Communications, we are careful to customize to every one of our nonprofit clients’ issues and needs.  This is one reason we’ve served over 30 clients in less than 3 years.  Our impact has been substantial:  for example, within the last year a client reported increasing their funds by 43 percent and their workload by 38 percent after the Center of Excellence’s assistance.  When we start discussion with a potential new client, we ask about communication and fundraising issues that really concern them: What difficulties are they currently having?  What are they not currently satisfied with?  We also ask for some background on how the issues developed.

Then we discuss the potential impact of our work with them by asking what would occur if the issues didn’t get resolved, versus what would happen if they do get resolved.  After the potential client has described what they need, we show them how our coaching can meet their needs by referring to the Cycle for Fundraising Excellence.

Trusted by

Equipping and Supporting our full time missionaries for Evangelism, Disciple Making, Church Planting and Humanitarian Services, to fulfill the Lord’s Commission.

Cross-Cultural Ministries is called to demonstrate the love of God to non-English speaking communities through education and mentoring programs in partnership with individuals, churches, businesses and organizations.

Atlanta Ministry with International Students (AMIS Atlanta) promotes cultural and global understanding through friendship and hospitality with international students and scholars in the greater Atlanta area.

Liberty Medical Center of Texas (LMC) is a nonprofit health care system dedicated to providing mental health services to all veterans and their families in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding communities.

Heart of a Champion Sports strives to change the culture of sport by building positive character traits in those involved with the next generation of professional athletes, in the environment of LakePoint and beyond. We serve this need by providing character development, curriculum, service projects, and training events.

Grace Abounds is a Christ-centered safety, hope, and pathway to healing for women attempting to escape addiction.

Gathering people to help bring Heaven Here Now.

Equipping the next generation of Servant Leaders to integrate Faith, Gifting and Calling to Impact the World.

The mission of The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is to provide a vibrant, empowering day program for adults with disabilities, while supporting parents in their journey of caregiving.

Orchard inspires Christ-followers to launch and lead creative initiatives serving those in need.

Empowering the church in Kenya to restore communities.



Judith Norback is an excellent teacher and coach. Her encouraging and instructive
coaching enabled me to prepare for an event and speak with confidence. Judith
provided feedback on both written and slide presentations and with the oral
presentation. I’m thankful that I listened to her instructions, because following them
meant that I won! Her years of experience provided invaluable coaching that will
continue to impact me as a speaker.

– Virginia Cosgrove, Executive Director


Judith Norback of the Center of Excellence for Workplace Communications gave directed, individual and beneficial guidance to each Post-Grad Fellow, assisting their clear and engaging formal presentations to our organization’s supporters.  Thoroughly prepared and taking our mission as her own, Judith both encouraged and progressed each Fellow’s integration of excellent presentation skills, useful now and in the future

– Wendy Eavenson, Advisory Board Chair


Judith is my first call for our non-profit partners in need of fundraising presentation help. I trust her wholeheartedly to serve these clients with extreme thoroughness, edifying each aspect of their presentation skills and setting them up for a high level of success. Judith’s consulting approach- comprising of her attention to detail, pristine communication, and deep care for her clients- makes her the perfect consultant for someone seeking to level up their fundraising presentations and overall organizational excellence. She owns her clients’ growth and success with unwavering commitment, going above and beyond to prepare them to flourish.

– Madison Garrett Kulp, Senior Program Manager


Judith provided our organization with relevant and helpful coaching, helping us clarify our message and presentation to future funding partners. Her extensive experience is an asset to her clients, and her ability to see the details of funding and communication strengths and opportunities provides clear direction. We are thankful for our time with Judith and her positive impact on our organization.

– Nathanael Avery, Executive Director